Helpful Resources for Eating Disorder Recovery

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Helpful Links

FEAST (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders) — An extremely helpful resource for parents helping a child or teenager through an eating disorder. FEAST has tons of videos that talk about family-based treatment and what to expect through the recovery process, as well as a 30-day newsletter course that goes through all of this at a manageable pace.

Carolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders — A North Carolina-based organization that provides education, referral resources, and an eating disorder hotline to those struggling with eating disorders, and those who love them.

The Association for Size Diversity and Health — An organization dedicated to pushing for a more size-inclusive approach to health. This is a great place to learn about the principles of Health at Every Size® (HAES), and to find healthcare providers who take a HAES approach.

National eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Helpline — A helpline that provides support, resources and treatment options for those struggling with eating disorders and their loved ones. (Note, the helpline is only open 5 days a week, and it’s not 24-hour).

Therapy for Black Girls — A podcast, blog, support network, and directory of Black therapists across the country.

Recovery Warriors — A podcast, blog, and support network serving those with eating disorders.

Hilltop Behavioral HealthTreating eating disorders, anxiety, trauma and depression for individuals and groups.

Minding Men Talkshow — A podcast and community that’s helpful for anyone who identifies as male and struggles with an eating disorder.

Nalgona Positivity Pride — An in-community eating disorders and body-positive organization dedicated in creating visibility and resources for Black, Indigenous, communities of color (BICC.)

Eating Disorder Recovery Books

Ruby Oak Nutrition independently selected all of these books, because we’ve used them with clients and know that they’re fantastic. As part of the Amazon Associates program, we do get a small commission when you click one of the links below and order a book.

Sick Enough — A guide to ​​the medical complications of eating disorders, by an eating disorder MD. Patients with eating disorders frequently feel that they aren’t “sick enough” to merit treatment, despite medical problems that are both measurable and unmeasurable. 

How to Nourish Your Child Through an Eating Disorder — A guide for parents of children and teens with eating disorders. This book outlines the Plate-by-Plate approach, which is the approach to meal planning and feeding that we typically use at Ruby Oak Nutrition.

Beyond a Shadow of a Diet — A book geared towards professionals, but we’ve found it to be helpful for clients who struggle with binge eating disorder as well!

When Your Teen Has an Eating Disorder — Written by an eating disorder psychologist, this book is written to empower parents in the family-based treatment approach to eating disorders. It’s a great compliment to How to Nourish Your Child Through an Eating Disorder.

Helping Your Child With Extreme Picky Eating — Written by an eating disorder physician and a speech language pathologist, this book walks through how parents can help their children overcome extreme picky eating . It’s also a helpful guide for adults!

Body Image Books

The Body Is Not an Apology — An intersectional guide to feeling empowered and comfortable in your own body. We’ve found this to be very helpful for clients who are healing their body image.

Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image — A look into the intergenerational trauma that causes parents to pass body image issues on to their children, through the lens of the author who overcame her own struggle with an eating disorder and poor body image.

Reclaiming Body Trust: A Path to Healing & Liberation — Written by a therapist and a dietitian, this book breaks down how to reclaim and embrace their bodies, no matter the shape or size.

More than a Body: Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament — A book centered around the idea of body neutrality, which means not necessarily loving how your body looks, but instead learning to live well and feel worthy, despite how you feel about your body.

Raising Body Positive Teens — A book that offers proactive actions parents can take to minimize the risk of their children developing an eating disorder or body dissatisfaction.

Intuitive Eating and Anti-Diet Books

Intuitive Eating — The original guide to learning to tune out diet culture, end food guilt and body shame, and listen to your body’s cues. There is also a workbook with exercises and worksheets!

The Intuitive Eating Workbook for Teens — Exercises and worksheets geared specifically towards teenagers to solidify the principles of intuitive eating, by one author of the original book.

How to Raise an Intuitive Eater — A guide for parents who want to help their kids build a healthy, diet-free relationship with food.

Anti-Diet — A deep dive into why diets don’t work and what to do instead, with tons of research to back up the anti-diet approach.

Fat Talk: Parenting in the Age of Diet Culture — We’ve had the privilege of previewing this book, and it’s such a fantastic look into how diet culture seeps into parenting, and how to raise your kids diet-free.

Podcasts We Love

Sunny Side Up Nutrition — Hosts Anna, Anna, and Elizabeth (two dietitians and a dietitian-to-be) talk about how to raise intuitive eaters and foster healthy relationships with food in your home.

Food Psych — Host Christy Harrison, a registered dietitian, interviews experts and activists in the fields of eating disorders, fat activism, anti-diet nutrition, and more.

Full Bloom Podcast — Host Zoë, a therapist, talks about body-positive parenting, body image, and a non-diet approach to overall wellness.

Maintenance Phase — Hosts Aubrey and Michael go in-depth into various health topics, debunking the diet industry and laying out the evidence for a more weight-inclusive approach. (The content is serious, but the banter can be pretty funny!)

Food Heaven — Hosts Wendy and Jess, both registered dietitians, talk about nutrition and wellness in a way that’s inclusive and accessible.

Unsolicited: Fatties Talk Back — Hosts Marquisele, Da’Shaun, Caleb, Bryan, and Jordan are fat activists who talk about how and why anti-fatness shows up in our lives and relationships.